Kimmo’s birthday

Kimmo with the S&W 500S Revolver
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Yesterday was Kimmo’s birthday, and to celebrate he’d arranged that we’d go to a shooting range and fire some guns. We started with firing 50 rounds each with a Glock 9mm pistol at 50 metres range. Then Kimmo got a special surprise – his friend at the range let him fire one shot with the Smith & Wesson 500S revolver, which fires .50 magnum bullets, i.e. half an inch in diameter. Think Dirty Harry, except this was the next size up. Even with our ear protectors, it was very loud – it felt like a firework had gone off next to us.

Finally, we each got a chance to fire a full magazine of bullets from a ‘Suomi’ sub-machine gun, an almost legendary Finnish gun from the second world war. It was surprisingly stable – long bursts tended to drift upwards, but short ‘squirts’ of 3-5 bullets stayed very much on target.

Naturally we kept score: with the Glocks, we counted the points properly; with the Suomi, we just counted how many bullets were inside the outer ring. The results:

Kimmo Mike David
Glock 77 102 182
Suomi 54 56 51

So with the pistols, I got more than the other two combined :-). I think I gloated a little too much…

We recorded videos of the Suomi firing:

Afterwards we went to Black Door to tally our scores and have a couple of beers. James joined us there – next time, I think he’ll be coming along to try out the guns.

This was my first time ever firing a gun, and I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much – it’s not really my thing. But actually holding and firing the gun felt no more scary than using a powerful electric drill, and it was fascinating to try and hold the gun steady to get the bullets on target. It didn’t hurt that I did better than I expected :-).

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