Vastarannan Kiiski

Eve & I have recently been looking for a new flat – one with the bedroom facing away from the street (or at least to a quiet street), and with a second bedroom to use as my study. Although we love living in Kallio the flats there tend to be one-bedroom or studio flats, and hence most of the flats we visit are in the more expensive Töölö area. Today we saw some nice flats, naturally just above what we’d agreed was our upper price limit. We’ve some thinking to do.

As usual with these Töölö trips, we included a visit to one of our favourite pubs, Vastarannan Kiiski (the name is a humourous Finnish phrase: a ‘kiiski’ is a ruff, a type of small fish, and ‘vastarannan kiiski’ literally means ‘ruff at the opposite shore’, but actually means one of those people who always takes the opposite viewpoint). This pub is one of a chain of very nice pubs which specialize in having a very wide range of beers from different countries. Here’s the list of bottled beers:

Bottled beer list
Bottled beer list

They also have a dozen or so beers on tap, and currently an American week with another 19 American small-brewery beers:

American beers
American beers

Yes, we all know the joke about American beers, but that refers to the mass-market beers like ‘Bud’. If you get a chance to try these small-brewery beers, don’t miss it!


  1. Chtit Troll Said,

    January 21, 2007 @ 9:08 pm

    While in San Francisco, we tried and appreciated “Anchor Steam”. I’m sure you know that one. Did they have that one at Vastarannan Kiiski?

  2. David Price Said,

    January 21, 2007 @ 10:00 pm

    Yes, not as part of the ‘American week’ but in fact as part of their regular selection – you’ll find it near the middle of the blackboard in the photo above. They also have Anchor Porter.
    In San Francisco you can usually get several good local beers. And if you get a chance to visit the Beach Chalet ( at Ocean Beach, you can try the beers they brew there. Notice the six-beer sampler in the photo on the right of their beers page – very nice!

  3. Bill Day Said,

    January 22, 2007 @ 3:41 am

    Thanks for giving American local breweries and brew pubs their due, David. As you note there are in fact quite a few excellent ones. These days just about every US town of any size has one or more brewpubs. And some of no size at all have have a local mom & pop place making excellent beer.
    Krebs is a tiny little place in southeastern Oklahoma with an excellent microbrew. Krebs’ Pete’s Pace italian restaurant (fantastic food, btw) brews Choc beer onsite. See
    A favorite of mine as an Okie, worth checking out if you’re ever traveling in the area but hard to find outside of OK/TX, I’m afraid.
    Anyway, thanks again for giving us a little beer brewing credit.
    PS I never drink Bud or any of the mass market swill, either. 🙂

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