Last weekend I attended Helcon III , a board games event in Helsinki.


We were playing in Asukastalo Ankkuri , a youth centre in the Herttoniemi district of Helsinki. The facilities were ideal, with plenty of room for the 40 or so board game players who attended from all over Finland.


I finally got a chance to play Elfenland , which I bought when I first got interested in board games. I’ve only ever played it two-player with Eve, but with five players it was a lot more fun. Other games I played were:

Table full of board games.
Table full of board games

Shelf full of board games.
Shelf full of board games

Helcon is a very friendly event – people bring their own games and leave them on the shelves and tables at the sides for others to freely borrow and play. Most games are informal – when people arrive or finish a game, they start wandering around and choosing the next game to play. Once some have agreed on a game, they look around for other free people to join them, so it’s easy to join a new game. I played with lots of different people – if only I could remember their names!

Carcassonne winner.
Carcassonne winner

As well as the informal playing, a few tournaments were run, including Carcassonne and a tournament of randomly-selected two-player games. Luckily for me the Carcassonne tournament was played in a light and friendly spirit, and somehow I ended up winning!

Helcon was great fun – if you’re interested in board games, I can strongly recommend attending next year’s. I’ll be there!

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