Catching up: Hanko

After Jussarö we sailed on to Hanko, taking the more direct seaward route. The first part of the trip was easy and fast, but as usual Hanko’s church and water tower came into view from a very long way off, and over the course of a couple of hours didn’t seem to get much closer. Eventually Eve insisted we switch to the engine, and we motored on in.

We stayed at Hanko’s Itämeren Portti harbour, which is built on a rocky island at the mouth of the harbour. It’s very comfortable and convenient, but at 30€ per night it’s rather expensive. After a meal at a restaurant we had a beer with a colleague of Eve’s, Marja and her husband (who in fact we’d also bumped into a day earlier at Café Barösund on the way to Jussarö).

The following day we decided to stay in Hanko and get some washing and shopping done. That evening we met another colleague of Eve’s, Anna, who had sailed there with her husband Raiku, nephew and father-in-law.

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