Catching up: Rosala

As we sailed west from Hanko the wind slowly picked up. We reefed the mainsail and put on the storm jib, and after a while even took down the storm jib and continued with just the reefed mansail. Despite this we were making very good time with the wind behind us, even overtaking a larger boat that had its full sails up. At one point we touched 8 knots, though it was mostly 6-7 knots.

As the end of the afternoon approached we had to decide on our destination harbour. We’d gone to Kasnäs at this point last year – it’s a full-service harbour but rather boring. Anna & Raiku had gone on to nearby Rosala, so we called them up and asked if there was room there for us, They said there was, so off we went.

Rosala was a very nice small harbour, which we’ll surely visit again. There was a small shop and café, and the meals in the café were simple but just what you want when you’re sailing.

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